Hristo Boytchev
The recent plays of the world famous
playwright Hristo Boytchev - more than 100 productions
in Europe, America and Asia.
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District Hospital

30 productions in
10 countries

8 Characters – 5 male and 3 female

An unidentified patient, who has lost his memory, appears in a small district hospital in the deep countryside. Obviously a man of the soil he had been found in a state of shock beside a crashed NATO-aircraft. Not knowning his name, the doctors give name him after his diagnosis Contusio Cerebris. This strange "name" is a reason to be suspected of being the crashed American pilot by the other patients.
Day after day they create for him the biography of a very important and rich military man, basing their fantasy on the myth of the Great America. In the beginning he doesn't believe it but little by little he begins to like this story...

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